One day while waiting 3 hours for a movie to transfer you stared teary eyed at some dual ethernet ports and wondered if they could be somehow combined for ultra high speed file transfers.

FIREHOSE gives you that power. FIREHOSE gives you a basic data transfer over multiple network devices supporting TCP/IP layers. Stripe multiple 100Mbit, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, or firewire to give one humungous pipe for firehosing your gigabytes and gigabytes of data.

Unlike RAID striping, FIREHOSE striping load balances the network devices so every ounce of bandwidth is utilized. Combine a 400Mbit firewire eth device with a 100Mbit eth device to get 500Mbits of power. Combine 10 100Mbit ethernet ports for a gigabit pipe. The number of devices which can be striped is limited only by imagination and budget.

The FIREHOSE package contains a simple library allowing any application wishing to stream data across striped networks to do so with just a few function calls. Also included is a file transfer utility and a pipe utility. Pipe gigabytes of uncompressed video, CD-R images, scientific data, tar archives, and porn all with the greatest of ease.

It also works with single network devices for those who just want to pipe data over networks or defeat 2 gig limits on nfs and ftp.

There are catches of course. FIREHOSE is purely a data transfer library and does not implement a TCP layer over multiple devices nor does it have any security features. Support for The Soft won't happen. It's purely intended for non-interactive, raw speed.


There is no warranty or support for the source code.



0.6.0: Small return value crash fixed in reciever.

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