Canon accessories were once extremely expensive. There was no way anyone could afford to fully utilize their EOS 20D unless they had a mortgage.

So being flat broke, the first step in accessorizing our Canon was acquiring a remote control with timing capability. The Canon model was $140 in 2005. The hack model was $70. $50 of that was buying a cable with an N3 connector but it was still cheaper.

An N3 to T3 adaptor was destroyed to get the N3 connector.

The top switch engaged the autofocus and light meter. The second switch engaged the automatic shutter. The shutter was signaled once for mirror lockup and once for exposure. Delays for mirror lockup, exposure, and storage are configured using the dip switches. The third switch is a direct shutter release.

This worked perfectly as long as it didn't get wet. Today, a $1 Chinese widget could do it.


The Canon EF 200mm F2.8L once required a $90 T mount to use on a small tripod. The alternative was some wood.

That's a sheet of 1/4" MDF, some rubber floor matting, double sided tape, a #3 washer, 2-56 nut, 4-40 bolt, 5/16-20 blind nut, 5/16-20 bolt, 5/16 washer, and heat shrink tubing from OSH.

A 1/16" threaded rod and 3-32 collar came from Sheldon's Hobbies.

Don't tie it down too tight or you might bend the camera body.

This was a good solution for lens mounting until you had enough money for the T mount, but not a permanent solution.


Of course, a really pointless thing to do with your EOS 20D was make a pinhole lens.

It made interesting effects with sensor dust & got good depth of field. You're better off with a 50mm F1.4.

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