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XMovie was originally written as a simple, fast method to play uncompressed movies with stereo sound back when the only uncompressed movie player was xanim and the only MPEG player was MTV. XAnim didn't play stereo sound and MTV was a $15 shareware. Hard to believe how today's applications toss movies around like nothing when just 4 years ago it was an ordeal just to play an MPEG stream.

XMovie isn't being updated anymore because CINELERRA can do almost everything XMovie used to do. Not to mention we're a lot poorer, can't afford a soundproof room anymore & have to use limiting on all audio. The only remaining use is seeking in an MPEG stream as it's being downloaded.

XMovie was mainly intended for uncompressed movie playback, nonstandard output from Cinelerra, and testing decoder libraries. It's not intended for low resolution, low bitrate internet downloads. Your luck will improve with something like M Player

6 channels of audio can be sent to a soundcard supporting 6 channel audio. More importantly, HDTV program and ATSC transport streams play back. These streams are usually obtained through a capture board like the WinTV HD, set top box hacking, or other means. Forget about downloading HDTV moviez from the internet.

It won't play any Quicktime movies you download from the internet because those are compressed with Sorenson Vision. While Quicktime isn't the standard for movies on UNIX and it's not official Microsoft software, it's pretty good at storing uncompressed movies. Quicktime for Linux supports OGG Vorbis and MPEG-4, roughly equivalent to the popular 'Soft codecs but free.

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1.9.12 - Merged with current Quicktime and Libmpeg3.

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